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Binnewith Lodge 6338

Who We Are

We are a lively group of likeminded Freemasons who genuinely like each other and are passionate about our Lodge and Masonry.
We actively promote the ethos of Masonry:
·         Through our high level of ritual. This is achieved through well supported Lodge of instruction meetings (LOI) which are now so popular that we continue right throughout the summer months.
·         Through our support for local charities.
·         Our well supported social calendar with family at the forefront.
·         Our use of social media has become a great support tool and is proving very effective in all aspects of masonic life and in supporting each other in general.


Whats the buzz?

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June 2021
Binnewith are back!
Great to be back, we have held our first 'regular' meeting of the year. Totally covid safe. Our initiate had a wonderful experience an all present realy enjoyued the evening.
Were there is will, there is a way!


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May 2021
Binnewith are preparing to get back to work.
As we see the rules of social distancing change we are preparing for our first regular meeting post lock-down. This will be an initiation to be held on 16/06/2021, which is a great way to restart.


Feb 2021

It time to start planning our come-back, loads of admin to cover but we just can't wait to get back together

Upcoming Events

  • Anniversary Ball
    Sat, 11 Dec
    11 Dec, 19:00
    Canterbury, Canterbury, UK